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This page is a collection of links of photos and other information submitted by various members. This is a work in progress. Note: submitted photos for the NWCC Picnic will appear on the Activities page.

Rudy Schroeder, W7FCB

As told by Rudy, a brief BIO:

I bailed out of West Seattle High School in 1947. Then joined the Air Force and attended Radio/Radar school at Scott Air Force Base for 10 months. Then, off to Guam and Okinawa as Technician/Operator on SB-17 (Search and Rescue). I became OIC of WXLH (AFRS) radio station at Rycom, Okinawa, and received a field commission to second Leutenent.

Honorable discharge in 1950 -- got married -- opened radio and TV repair business -- sold business -- moved to Inglewood, California and worked at Hughes R&D labs as electronic technician in semi-conductor and Laser research for 4 years. About this time, I got my ham license: K6GTB.

I moved to Seattle in 1954 and joined Boeing as electronic engineer in BOMARC project. In 1955, transferred to Flight Test engineering certifying 707 for FAA. And about that time, I got my present call, W7FCB, Advanced class license. In 1957 transferred to BSRL (Boeing Scientific Research Labs) as research assistent to Dr. D. Mahaffy in the field of solid state physics and plasma physics.

In 1961, I got a divorce and decided to risk my life and become a commercial pilot/flight instructor. I did some "bush flying" in northern British Columbia and trained quite a few new pilots. During the years 1961 through 1967 I excelled as a ski bum, a womanizer, and all around bachelor having fun. Plus, I was a pretty good dancer.

In 1968 I joined KOMO TV as TV engineer/camera man and producer of "Exploration Northwest" with Don McCune. Won 10 Emmy's for KOMO and two personal Emmy's and five Sigma Delta Chi awards for writing.

Retired in 1988 and got my Extra Class license. I started my own production company, "American Odyssey Productions, Inc." and produced 28 RV travel adventure shows for the Discovery Channel. Made money.

In 1999 moved to Rosalia, Washington -- bought a house -- and, I do a lot of volunteering. I do a lot of studing in Quatum Physics, Cellular Biology, ancient history, and astrophysics.

Present-time, 2009: a beautiful blonde was pounding on my bedroom door last night. I finally had to get up and let her out. The rest is history.






Lin McBride, AC7XO

Brief BIO of Lin:

Lin has been interested in radio since the late 1940s when he built his first crystal set. When he was in high school, he worked for a local hardware store in their TV repair and service department.

The Navy gave Lin a few months of basic electronics training and then they sent him to Alaska. The last few months of his enlistment he worked for the Armed Forces Radio and TV Service. He picked up his first phone commercial license in 1959 and worked for three different TV stations over the years.

In 1960, Lin and Mary Jane tied the knot and it still holds tight. They have two fine children Michael and Kristi.

In 1968 Lin went into teaching and spent several years teaching and farming. After Lin retired in 1997 he went into ham radio and has enjoyed it ever since. His station, shown in the photo, includes a tri-bander, several wire antennas, tuners, TS 440, IC 746 Pro, IC V8000, Ameritron ALS 600, and a Heathkit SB220.
















Sheriff: Jim Russell Sr., W7ZHQ

Jim is the Sheriff of the Northwest Country Cousins. If you are a cousin, you will get pushups -- Jim hands out pushups like girlscouts hand out Thin Mint cookies. Jim, our former President, is very active on the NW Country Cousins as well as the Western Country Cousins.

Brief BIO of Jim:

Jim is the first born of a master electrician and WWII veteran. He has one brother and six (yes, count them) sisters.

Jim has worked a lot of different jobs in the early years including operating big 'cats' and other tractors on large California farms. Also worked the oil fields and poured and finished concrete. Finally, Jim decided to take up welding and recently ended his career as a welder after 35 years.

Jim became a ham in 1977 and also upgraded the same year to General class license. In 1994 Jim upgraded to Advanced class.

Jim really loves the Northwest Country Cousins and he am also a member of: Western Country Cousins, Mid-West Country Cousins, Southern Country Cousins, BBC, WARTS, OMISS, and OEN. Jim is currently Vice-President of Western Country Cousins and a past-President of Western Country Cousins.


Joe Lankford, K7JAL

Joe is our former Vice-President and also our local propagation forecast expert. Joe will tell us if that DX is possible, if it will be noisy on the band, and whether we should go outside to look for the Aurora Borealis.

Brief BIO of Joe:

Joe was born in Liberal, Kansas, grew up there, and graduated from Liberal High School in 1963. Joe went to college at Panhandle A&M in Goodwell, Kansas and also at Kansas State College of Pittsburg in Pittsburg, Kansas. The FAA sent Joe to seven years of formal schools at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Joe retired from the FAA in 2001 after 26 years as an electronic technician, NAS specialist, and NAS operations manager. Prior to working for the FAA Joe was a design draftsman and engineering technician for several companies in the midwest.

Joe and Carolyn met in Dodge City, Kansas and got married in 1967. They have two children, Mitch and Tonya, and three granddaughters: Megan, Kara, and Chloe.

Joe moved to Enumclaw, Washington in 1992 when he started work at the Seattle Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC). Joe and Carolyn have lived in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Washington.

Joe first got interested in CB radio while living in Denver. After moving to Utah he got disgusted with the "chicken band" and found that one of the guy's he worked with was a ham. And, the rest is history [all of this is history]. Joe has been licensed since 1976 when he got his Novice class license in January of that year. And, six weeks later he had his Advanced Class and he has been Extra Class since 1980. CW is Joe's main mode.

Joe's rigs include TenTec Orion and Yaesu FT-1000 Mark V Field that drive the Yaesu VL-1000 Quadra System. Joe also uses an Icom 910 for VHF/UHF. Joe's antennas include a 3-element SteppIR, a 20 meter Yagi, 40 and 75/80 meter double Bazookas, a 160 meter shorty, a 10 element 2-meter yagi, and a 19-element 70 cm yagi all on a 52 foot motorized crank=up (with motorized tilt-over), free-standing tower with 17 a foot stacking mast.

Joe also operates from his RV. It is equipped with yet another TenTec Orion and Yaesu-1000 Quadra System. Antennas are a Tarheel #100 antenna for HF. Also he has a Yaesu FT-857D for HF, VHF/UHF with a Tarheel #100 antenna for his truck. Joe likes Tarheel antennas.

Joe belongs to many ham clubs including: NWSOAR, MIC & KEY, NWCC #1448 and current VP [2007], WCC #2302 and current President [2007], QCWA #33007, FISTS #11973 (CC #1907), and FISTS Northwest Club K7FFF #4400 (CC #457). Joe's goal is to get his CW speed back up to 30 wpm of good solid copy.

Joe does have other interests. They include RV'ing, fishing, and spending time with the grandkids.


Phil Hystad, K7PEH


Phil is a baby-boomer, born in 1947 in sunny California where he spent his formative years as a child, teenager, and troublemaker. College at Oregon State University, graduated with BS Physics 1970 and then later he picked up a BS in Computer Science. He spent graduate work in Math but never did pursue the PhD that had always been in his plans (interests: Mathematical Physics).

Phil and Judy got married in 1972 and have two daughters: Rebekah and Amy. Also, they have four grandchildren: three grandsons and one granddaughter.

Phil's entire career spent as a computer programmer from the early days of programming in the mid-1960s to the current world where quantum computers are being designed. In 1978, Phil along with 11 other engineers and programmers split from their current employer and started their own engineering systems and software business serving the needs of the electric utility industry. The company grew from the original 12 to the current employee count of roughly 450 in Redmond, Washington. Phil and his fellow employees helped to keep the lights burning in much of the world.

Phil took an early retirement severance in 2005 and started his own consulting company. Phil works about half-time through the year and the other half spends time in hobbies and traveling with Judy as her assistant in her hobby of bird photography. Besides ham radio, Phil's other hobbies are working through the puzzles of mathematical physics (current interest: General Relativity and Cosmology), fine woodworking (hand cut joinery), and goofing off on his Mac computer with the latest programming toys such as the Scala language or programming his iPhone.

In January 2010, Phil decided to work full-time again with an offer that came looking for him that was just too interesting to pass by. On March 1st, Phil started work with Alstom Power at a new northwest office that will be the first west coast office of this huge 20 billion Euro multi-national. I am employee number 2 of a startup like engineering group that researches and develops software solutions for the economic delivery of renewable energy using SMART Grid technology.

Phil has strong opinions on computers -- he is an Apple Mac fanatic (owns three Mac computers) but does bow to the powerful Oz (Microsoft) at times through his Windows laptop. Phil is particulary fond of Unix or Linux and most of his programming experience in the last 20 years has been on various Unix or Linux systems. For those who do not yet know, Apple Mac OS X is indeed a very good Unix system based on the CMU Mach Kernel and using the BSD file, shell, and command tools.


Roy L. Dickinson, N5SWE

Roy is a full time RVer who spends his winters in exotic places. The photo here shows Roy next to his home at the beach in El Golfo, Sonora, Mexico (Spring 2008). Roy says that the winters in El Golfo are terrific. Obviously, Roy will reach us country cousins from many different locations through out the year.

Roy and his xyl Nancy sold their house in 2002 right after he retired from Union Pacific Railroad. Roy was a locomotive engineer. He and his bride will continue to travel over the country-side until he can no longer drive the 40 foot motor home anymore.

Look up Roy in QRZ and read more about his travels, his station, and activities.


Jerry Fredrickson, KA6WYX

Brief BIO of Jerry:

Jerry has been married to his wonderful bride for 47 years as of June 30th, 2009. They have one son who lives in Vancouver, Washington who, with the help of his wife, has given Jerry two grandkids, a boy and a girl, now fully grown and working in Vancouver.

Jerry enjoys ham radio (first licensed in September 1987); and, he enjoys all the people he has met over the years. Jerry says "It seemed like I was a novice class for years and wanted to upgrade and finally I upgraded to general class". Not resting from that success, Jerry went on and got his advanced class and then from there the extra class. Jerry's suggestion on taking these tests: " it all boils down to a simple fact, if you want it bad enough it is there for the taking".

Jerry raises exotic birds, actually parrots. It started as a hobby and over time he and his wife collected over 300 birds. Soon the hobby got expensive so they decided that they needed to breed them to perpetuate the species and fund the hobby. Jerry does have a few personal pets too. They are a Blue and Gold MaCaw, Moluccan Cockatoo, Umbrella Cockatoo, African Grey, Eclectus, Blue Front Amazon, White Eyed Conure, Latino Indian Ring Neck, and a Red Rump Parakeet. Some of these pets were rescued from people who couldn't take care of them or had to move and couln't take them with them.


Martin Struss, KD7QZA

Martin was born in Roseburg, Oregon in 1969 and grew up in Myrtle Creek, Oregon where his parents still live today. Martin got his start in ham radio while in high school when he would regularly visit his "ham radio" buddy. Martin remembers enjoying talking to people in Australia but he didn't get licensed until years later.

Martin served as Secretary/Treasurer for the Northwest Country Cousins for several years.

Martin continues to enjoy all that amateur radio has given back to him including all the people he has met and talked to over the years on the air (in addition to his collection of boat anchor equipment in his shack).

Currently, Martin enjoys building antennas, HF rag chewing, and PSK31. Martin is employed as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at the local hospital. He admits to being a member of a "great" organization in the NWCC and his is thankful for all the friendship and camaraderie brought by other "cousins".



Paul Bogart, KF7HMS


Hello, my name is Paul KF7HMS #1666 and my wife's name is Vicky. I have a boat anchor FT 101 a Kenwood Ts 430S a Kenwood TS 680S with a 80 meter delta loop and a 80 meter inverted V. I also have three 2 meter radios and two 440 radios and some vintage World War 2 radios. We love camping and meeting people when we can. We have a knife sharpening business now that we are retired.











William (Bud) Condrey, W7CWY

Hi... The name here is Bud, the QTH is Little Island, Cathlamet, WA most of the time these days. Thanks for stopping by. Raised in W Texas and High School in Washington. UW BSEE and worked here a few years. Two seasons in Alaska. Then to Wyoming to Ranch in the 70's. Private Pilot; 2nd Class FCC Radiotelphone License; Amature Radio License. See me on Linkedin Groups: ARRL: LSAW: QUANTUM PHYSICS: AGU: IEEE: GEODESY: OTHERS Worked for Sperry in the 1960's as a field engineer. Originally licensed in 1958 and did not renew in the 80's . Have spent my career working in the consulting engineering fields as a Geodesist and a Geophysicist for large and small companies, as well having started and run a couple of businesses myself, inculding a Low Power TV station. Now I am semi retired ( Rodeo Cowboy days are gone) and spend a lot of time on Little Island in the lower Columbia River. The rest of the time I am at our Seattle QTH or at the QTH at the Beartooth Ranch in Clark, Wyoming. I have a place here to build antennas and am planning to build a tower next year. I am also working on Marine Antennas for our boats. I am back in ham radio after a 25 year absence and enjoying it a lot. I have found that the technology has left me in the dust. So many new things to learn that weren't around 25 years ago. Hope to take the Extra in the spring. You can find me on 2m, 40m, and sometimes on 80m at night. Also, 10 and 20 during the day. I check into the Noontime net, the OMISS net, Or Em net, happy hour net, warts net, Dipsea net, OEN, West Coast Boaters Net, Maritine Mobile Net, NWCC, or any of several others. Monitor the Beachnet repeaters on 2M. Also, Packet Station on most of the time. 73, Bud